Nezumi Edit


"Some nezumi became as skilled in the samurai arts as the humans and kitsune. Yet no lord would have them, so they sold their swords to the highest bidder.".

Description Edit

The nezumi, or "ratlings" as they are often called by humans, are a race of bipedal ratlike humanoids. In Atern, they are an ancient race native to Nagoya and are considered a foul lowborn untrustworthy race unlike the Hengeyokai which are considered worthy of respect.

Physical Description: Nezumi look like nothing so much as humanoid rats. They stand upright, roughly as tall as a human (averaging about 5 1/2 feet tall and 155 pounds). They have long snouts, pink ears, and pronounced incisors, like ordinary rodents. Their bodies are covered with rough fur, ranging in shade from white through gray and brown to black, sometimes solid and sometimes patterned. Fur patterns tend to run in ratling families. The nezumi have five-fingered hands, opposable thumbs, and sharp claws. Their long tails are mostly hairless and have the same pink coloration as their ears and palms. Their legs are bent like those of rats and have only three toes. Like human barbarians, nezumi often wear earrings in their pierced ears, necklaces made of bone or teeth, and similar ornamentation that humans usually consider savage.

Ability Score Modifier: +2 Constitution, +1 Dexterity Size: Medium Speed: 35 feet Vision: Darkvision

Rodent Hardiness: You are Resistant to poison and adds your proficiency bonus to all Constitution checks made to resist being poisoned or contracting diseases

. Delver's Claws: The long, sharp, jagged talons of a Nezumi are as adept at ripping through flesh as they are at ripping through soil. Your Unarmed Strikes do 1d4 slashing damage as a basis, and you have a Burrow speed of 10 feet.

Tunnel Rat: Nezumi are treated as Small creatures for purposes of fitting into spaces. They can squeeze into spaces that only fit Tiny or smaller creatures, too, but they have disadvantage on all attack rolls and on Dexterity checks and Dexterity saves while doing so.