Nullri Edit


The Nullri are a race of hare-like humanoids no larger then a human toddler. They have a winter coat of pure white with black tipped ears and a summer coat of rusty brown. They are quite stealthy creatures, that live in large warrens underground comprising of chambers and a maze of tunnels. In summer, they feeds on plants such as, grass, ferns and leaves; in winter, they eat twigs, the bark from trees, and buds from flowers and plants and occasionally will eat a little meat if naught else can be found. They are extremely sensitive to divine magic and all of them possess the ability to use it in one way or another. Common examples of their magic is vanishing into smoke and emitting confusing strobes of moonlight. They live in the high plains overlooking the swamp and make occasional ventures down to it to collect rare plants and herbs.

The Nullri for the most part do not speak, though they are capable of it. They prefer to use vibrations by stomping their feet and body language to communicate with each other. They have a basic grasp of common languages due to a chance meeting of a merchant trader's caravan, The Nullri worship their very own goddess Celestine refer to her as the "Great Shining Moon" and preform religious ceremonies to her on clear moonless nights on the rare occasions they give voice. The Nullri are not a very intelligent race however they do possess a honed natural wisdom.

They are non aggressive as a whole and will take to fleeing and hiding before conflict. They can run faster than any man or elf or Dar-Vash. The horse-ogres regard them as small fast snacks. They live in large extended family units and mostly go about their own business of improving their homes, storing food and raising litters. However, they do let themselves to those looking to locate Tyi-mi root in exchange for dry goods and tools that they can't make themselves. It is said there isn't a patch of earth in Hatar they haven't sniffed out. They dress normally in attire made of dried grass and bark strips and wooven wool cloth, and possess extremely keen senses. They are slow to trust, naturally timid and wary. They do possess the ability to create metal weapons and armor but only wear them if there is due cause. Nullri worship Celestine mainly and are fascinated with The Moon Maiden and seek her out actively

Stats: Ability Score Increase: +2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom Size: Small Speed: 40 feet Darkvision 120 feet Automatic languages: Common, Sylvan, Nullri

Nullri are quick, agile, and good with ranged weapons, but they are small and therefore not as strong as other humanoids. They posses good instincts.

Enhanced senses: Nullri have advantage on all perception checks

Divinely attuned: Nullri can cast at will one Druid or Cleric cantrip of their choice at will (Wisdom modifier)

Bouncy: Nullri are proficient in Atheltics and Acrobatics