Repose Twisted with evil, blackened with corruption and cloaked in darkness, Repose is, after the Saika Moor, one of the most dangerous territories of Wenaria. It began with the infection of a single tree but soon spread to others, then dozens, and then hundreds. The trees lost their leaves and the sap turned to blood. Hairlike tendrils grew from the bark which gravitated toward living flesh, and anything they touched was sucked dry of its energy and left as a desiccated husk. 

The wood can neither be burned nor cleansed of its infection by any known magic. Even the most powerful spells only halt the spread temporarily rather than cure it. 

The plague known as Treecreep covered hundreds of square miles before any even realized the threat. The canopy of the central hive of the forest is so tightly packed with long, sharp branches, no creature has ever successfully found the first tree which started the calamity. Though some believe destroying this tree would cure the entire forest, there is no evidence for this. The infection has taken most of the natural trees and now threatens both Alpinas and Laurama. 

Much of Laurama has already been taken though not enough to threaten the Lupin there. Some believe enemies of the fae created the deadly forest in hope the infection would suffocate or consume them.

The only creatures that reside in Repose are unnatural monstrosities El-spawn, one of the most notorious of which is Carcin of Pathos, a despicable creature known to belch living tumors that slither across the ground to attach and infect victims with their plague. Carcin is even more insane than most El dragons, and only a lingering sense of self-preservation keeps him from blindly attacking Laurama directly.