A perpetual and permanent fog has spread for hundreds of miles in the land once called the Kingdom of Kardia. The Moor is the single most dangerous place on the continent. Beasts shuffle into the black and vanish, waiting for an unsuspecting foe. Rumors tell of a terrible evil that lurks in the castle once controlled by King Saren Saika, gathering the power of the Moor towards it.

Legends tell of one of the first kings of man in the new age, and how his arrogance and naivety reduced his empire to eventual damnation for him and his people. The legend claims that King Saika ruled over one of the first kingdoms in Wenaria. Older than any other surviving human realms, Kardia expanded to dozens of villages while Gavstor was still building its first walls. Kardia used knowledge gleaned from the first bastions to create a stable, growing empire with well-paved roads, a reliable underground sewer system, plentiful crops and powerful magic.

Saika, however, grew troubled over his own mortality. Unlike the bastions, afraid and xenophobic, Kardia embraced the new world, almost to a fault. As the fae and half-fae population of the kingdom continued to grow, with much of the population obsessed with magic and the elder folk who had mastered it, Saika came to realize that his own lineage was threatened with obscurity. Though already married with two sons, he began seeking a fae bond – at first not for gift of long life it would bestow on him, but so that his heirs would receive the adulation that the merest peasant could command as long as their ears were pointed. However, every one of his invitations was rebuffed, and not long after, both of Saika’s young sons given to him by his innocent wife fell to a rare infection, taking them slowly and painfully. Without heirs, Saika became paranoid about losing his lineage and set his wizards to examine any avenue that might extend his life. What happened next is unknown but a massive explosion rocked the country and leveled it, the sea came in and swept the land and by the time the disaster was over, all that remained was Saika's castle and a dark dangerous salt marsh.